delicious arabica coffee

Delicious Arabica Coffee

Sometimes you may have trouble deciding what to have for breakfast. There’s so much to choose from! One solution is to opt for brunch instead. That way, you get a little bit of everything and combine the best of breakfast and lunch in one delicious meal.

One part of the meal is a no-brainer and requires no decision-making at all: Arabica coffee. It’s the best way to begin any breakfast or brunch.

As the name implies, Arabica coffee was originally cultivated in “Arabia.” It is native to southeastern Sudan, Yemen, Kenya, and Ethiopia (where it has been grown for over 1,000 years).

Now it is also grown in Columbia, Hawaii, Brazil, and of course, the island of Java! Arabica coffee plants are delicate and temperamental. They thrive in cool and moist mountainous areas and need a perfect mix of sun and shade. They require soil with a low pH and just the right amount of rainfall.

They are vulnerable to pests. It takes about 7 years for a plant to reach full maturity. When the plant finally matures, it can be almost 40 feet tall! The coffee itself comes from a “bean” which is really a seed inside a berry that is produced after the plant has flowered. Each berry only has 2 seeds. The berries ripen at varying times, so the best harvests are produced by hand-picking. The “beans” must then be extracted and roasted. Who would have thought so much work went into your morning cup of joe!

Arabica coffee has less caffeine than Robusta, its counterpart, which many people say makes it smoother and less bitter. Want more caffeine? That’s a great reason to drink more coffee! Have some with your breakfast…and on your way to work…and before lunch…and during that mid-afternoon slump…

Arabica coffee is the best part of any breakfast, brunch, or any other meal! It’s smooth, rich, and not bitter due to a lower caffeine content than Robusta coffee.

Don’t worry, it will still help you kickstart your day – it just won’t put any hair on your chest. Arabica coffee plants are incredibly delicate and have very specific growing requirements. All of that time and effort produces an exceptional cup of coffee!