Gourmet Burgers | What Makes Them So Great?

Gourmet Burgers | What Makes Them So Great?

What defines gourmet burgers versus a normal ol’ burgers from the grill? That could depend on who you ask!

Most dads behind the grill will swear you won’t find a better burger this side of the Mississippi. However, the professionals have a little more to say about it!

Long gone are the days that burgers are found only in fast-food joints and backyard barbecues. Top chefs from around the world have made burger-making into an art form and are competing at high levels!

It all started with Chef Daniel Boulud in 2001 when he decided to take the humble convenience meal and do what all great chefs do; make it more. His typical patty was upgraded with the addition of red wine-braised short rib and black truffles.

And, of course, what one will do, the others will surely follow. It wasn’t long before chefs across the globe were putting a stake in burger history with gourmet burgers.

What Makes a Burger Gourmet?

In the privacy of our own homes, we are all gourmet chefs. Well, maybe that is in our dreams. Still, what defines a gourmet burger from a normal burger? What standards are set to give it that extra title?

The Meat Used to Make the Patty

Chefs across the globe are sourcing only the best meats possible. A gourmet patty will never be frozen. Local, grass-fed meats formed into fresh patties to be served up immediately.

The pros will also criticize you on every milligram of seasoning used. Only that which is needed to enhance the natural flavor should be added!

Some of the top meats used today are Angus beef and Kobe beef. Yet, you will also find burgers using duck, lobster, and even soy!

The Way the Patty is Cooked

One of the most essential items when checking off for a gourmet burger is how that patty is cooked.

Top chefs spend years perfecting and honing their skills to a level of minute perfection. A gourmet burger will never be cooked too well-done as this would lead the patty to be dry and lose essential flavoring.

The Toppings

No more ketchup and mustard on these burgers. Gourmet burgers take toppings to another level.

Caviar, shaved truffles, foie gras, and the finest of cheeses imported straight from Italy will have your fast-food burgers quivering in shame.

The Wow Factor

Every gourmet burger is competing for a coveted spot at the table. A true gourmet burger is going to have that one special point that stands out from any of the others giving the chef an official signature within the dish.

Where to Find Gourmet Burgers

Gourmet burgers are one of the latest trends, and you are sure to find at least one on just about any menu. Here are a few of the top gourmet burgers in Indiana:

1. Milktooth- Indianapolis

534 Virginia Ave
Indianapolis, Indiana 46203

Known for their breakfasts and one-of-a-kind desserts, you might miss this burger if you aren’t looking! Served on a homemade bun, this griddle-cooked burger is topped with provolone cheese and “green goddess mayo.”

2. The Super Burger- Paoli

600 W. Main Street
Paoli, Indiana 47454
Facebook- The Superburger

The Super Burger is taking it seriously, serving up 90% lean, grass-fed beef! Splurge for the Triple Newk, and you will never view a burger the same again!

3. Harry & Izzy’s- Northside

4050 E. 82nd Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46250

Harry & Izzy’s takes burgers to the next level. USDA prime is used to form this patty with what they call “traditional toppings” and white cheddar. Your taste buds will thank you!

4. Junk Ditch Brewing Company- Fort Wayne

1825 W. Main Street
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808

The Junk Ditch menu does not feature a lot of burgers. They tend to rotate menus, so you need to have an open mind when eating here. However, their Junk Ditch Burger has been popular among the locals. This burger features Angus beef, onion, and a truly unique flavor.

5. Off Square Brewing- Crown Point

11000 Delaware Parkway
Crown Point, Indiana 46307

Off Square Brewing takes gourmet burgers seriously. Angus beef and white truffles will have you feeling like royalty.

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Before You Go

In case you were curious, McDonald’s sells an average of 75 burgers per second. Meaning that in the time it took you to read this article, they sold 22,500 burgers!

As far as we can tell, great burger places can be found from the east coast to the west, but it takes something special to be considered gourmet.

Chez Fonfon is giving us just another reason to fall in love with the south! Birmingham will not forget these gourmet burgers anytime soon!

Colorado brings us to Carm & Gia Metropolitan, where they are redefining how a gourmet burger tastes.

Chicago features the exquisite The Region Burger. They are closed on Tuesdays; make sure you plan your schedule!

Brooke’s Sandwich House will have you scheduling meetings every day for lunch if you happen to be in Charlotte!

Fancy you have what it takes to compete with the gourmet chefs? Check out these burger recipes and bring the five-star quality to your home!