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Coffee has become an ingrained part of American culture. No longer is this incredibly versatile drink limited to breakfast or after dinner. This dark delight has become a staple in the average person’s daily life, with over 50% of Americans drinking coffee daily!

Those aged 25-44 spend between $1,410 to $2,008 on coffee each year; this excludes coffee products they drink at home! Double that if you have a significant other! With the pressures COVID-19 created on the economy and pressing community impact initiatives, you may have wondered how to maintain a lifestyle of giving and your favorite afternoon treat!

Look no further! Just Love Coffee Cafe has found a way to bring together the drink everyone loves and charity for your local community! Who else could have imagined this one-of-a-kind idea better than two aspiring adoptive parents?

All About the Origin of Just Love Coffee Cafe

When Rob Webb and his wife, Emily, began adding up the cost of adoption, they knew there had to be other families in the same position. His family was already involved in the coffee industry, and he was quite good at roasting a bean or two!

He developed an idea for a for-profit business to help funnel funds to families “whose passion was to simply just love.” With that, they created a franchise with more of a local emphasis and created the Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise. 

How the Carmel Location Got Started

Just Love Coffee Cafe Carmel Erika and Peter Steele relocated to Indianapolis in 2020 from Houston. Erika had previously been involved in non-profits and was passionate about continuing this important work.

Peter, on the other hand, dreamed of being a business owner. While searching for work, Erika learned the core values of Just Love Coffee. In her words, “a coffee shop is where community happens.”

She was sold on the idea of marrying these ideals between her passion and her husband’s dreams!

How They Impact the Community and Help Those in Need

Erika’s heart lies with the local non-profit sector. She calls them “hidden gems of the community” and strives to give back right here at home!

Just Love Coffee Carmel is living up to these ideals. Before opening, they hosted a family and friends night as a training opportunity for their staff. Everyone could eat free but was encouraged to donate the cost of their meal to the O’Connor House.

They then took it a step further and donated 10% of all proceeds from Mother’s Day!

Erika partnered with Shepherd’s Center of Hamilton County for the Grand Opening. This not only sponsored giveaways but also brought awareness to the organization.

All About the Core Values of Just Love Coffee Cafe

If you are looking for a Just Love Coffee near you, check out their locations. Remember, when visiting a Just Love Coffee Cafe, hold to the core values: Be genuine. Be excellent. Be a catalyst for love.

All About the Menu

Coffee, Tea, and a Specialty Drink or Two

Waffle Coffee Just Love Coffee Cafe All the coffee flavors available are roasted by the roasting specialist, Jason, a good friend of Rob’s. So, the unique flavors you will find are only available at Just Love Coffee!

Try a drip coffee, a cappuccino, or an espresso! You might consider a signature latté such as the Cha-Cha or the White Chocolate Tiramisu.

Grab a group of friends and go for the Barista Box! This offers coffee in a carry box in your choice of roast for 12!

Waffles All the Time?!?

When they created the menu, they certainly were original in their designs. They wanted recipes that were easy to repeat and train, but they also understood the need for the options to be delicious!

They started with Artisan Waffles such as the Berry Berry Bo Berry Waffle and the Chocolate Chip Cookie Waffle.

But why couldn’t other things be cooked on a waffle iron too? The idea is that everything is cooked on a waffle iron. Instead of an omelet, you will order a Womelette. Bread is toasted on a waffle iron as well!

A Delicious One-of-a-Kind Choice

Entree Wrap Just Love Coffee Cafe Not only is the menu creative and easy to remember, but it features sauces and combinations you can’t find anywhere else. The Jive Turkey Wrap has a creamy pepper jelly spread, and the All American BLT gives you a jalapeno mayo!

Each item is given that special something that makes it unique, delicious, and unforgettable.

Catering Perfectly to Meet Your Needs

One feature that makes Just Love Coffee Carmel unique is their Gourmet Espresso Bar. Just Love Coffee Carmel is mobile!

This mobile espresso machine and coffee cart allow Erika to cater to your needs and events easily! Just Love Coffee Carmel has been at golf tournaments, weddings, graduations, company-appreciation days, and more!

Not only is the signature coffee available, but the ability to cater is too. Whether you want individual food boxes, or platters and trays, Just Love Coffee Carmel is catering perfectly to meet your needs!

All About Just Love Coffee Cafe’s Events

Just Love Coffee was founded with a desire to help others who are striving to make the world a better place. You can easily submit your information and why you wish to fundraise with Just Love Coffee online.

Just Love Coffee Carmel has a unique and spacious space for free to nonprofits that easily seats 25 people. This space can be used for meetings, fundraising events, or classes. Alternatively, if you wish to use the space, contact Just Love Coffee Carmel and learn about their personalized options.

Events, Events, Events

Just Love Coffee Carmel is already hosting craft events in their room and other fundraising opportunities that support the local community! Keep in touch to see the exciting upcoming events, from family-friendly game nights to music!

Also, with the Autumn season upon us, who could forget pumpkin? For the pumpkin lovers out there, Just Love Coffee will feature a homemade pumpkin waffle and their Lumberjack Latté. Winter will see another phase of signature drinks, such as a Cookie Butter Latté.

That’s a Grind

You should have looked up directions to Just Love Coffee Carmel by now. If you’re not in Indiana, find a location near you!

Just Love Coffee Carmel combines American coffee culture with a spirit of giving that can’t be matched.

If you are a first-timer, Erika suggests trying any signature latté paired with a Breakfast Burrito or Jive Turkey Wrap. Seating is available to meet your needs, whether you wish to plug in by the window bar or relax in the afternoon sun on the patio.

Stop in today and share your experience on their Just Love Carmel Instagram! Tag a charity you feel could benefit from Just Love Coffee Carmel while you’re there!