The Top 5 Desserts of All Time (According to Michele)

The Top 5 Desserts of All Time (According to Michele)

Who doesn’t love dessert time? It’s like “saving the best for last,” right? We just have to remember when we indulge in desserts to save room for them while eating our main courses! If you are aiming to eat a little more on the healthier side, you may want to split your dessert with someone, as these desserts are especially rich and succulent.

What is the best dessert of all time?

Since each person has their own preference as to what is the best dessert of all time, there’s no real way to make this list to be perfect, but here we go!

Best 5 Desserts of All Time

Lemon Meringue Pie

Meringue is made of egg whites and sugar, and it was invented in 1720 by a Swiss pastry cook named Gasparini. This lemon custard dessert was later developed into a pie by Elizabeth Coane Goodfellow, a pastry chef and businesswoman, in 1806. The pastry is made of a crumbly crust, has a tart flavor, is light and fluffy, and has lots of sugar in it!

Tres Leches

Translated, “tres leches” means “three kinds of milk” in English. That’s because it’s often made with condensed milk, regular milk, and evaporated milk. This spongy cake is custard-like with a sweet, milky sauce. It’s often topped with whipped cream and fruit. If you’ve never tried this Mexican dessert, you are in for a treat!

Pumpkin Pie

This Thanksgiving dessert originated in the 1600s. It’s often made with canned pumpkin, which is not made of pumpkin; rather, it’s squash. This rich custard pie is smooth and dense, spiced, and has a sweet flavor from the brown sugar in it. Who could resist this delicious treat during the holiday season?


Cheesecake can be made of multiple layers and is often served with fruit. This is actually a custard pastry, not a cake or a pie. The crust is usually made of crumbled cookies or crackers, and the custard filling is made of cream, cheese, and eggs. What a welcome dessert to any meal!

Creme Brulee

This rich, vanilla custard has a bit of a coffee and caramel taste to it. It has both a bitter and sweet flavor to it. With a rich custard base, you will be delighted with this French dessert, as it’s usually served cold with a warm top. It’s topped with caramelized sugar, usually created by a torch. What a treat to watch!

There you have it – the top 5 desserts of all time! If one of those delicious treats doesn’t tempt you during dessert time, you may just not have a sweet tooth! Although each person doesn’t technically have “a sweet tooth,” you may have sugar cravings if you have a nutrient deficiency or elevated cortisol levels, the stress hormone in your body.

However, if you have tried one of these tasty desserts, you know that they just taste so great that you have to indulge and “treat yourself” every now and then, right?

Remember, the majority of these desserts are not usually baked “at home;” instead, they are “dining out” delicacies, so if you are hoping to whip one up at home, you may want to look at the recipes! They can be quite a challenge if you aren’t a skilled chef or baker! They are definitely worth a taste at least once in your lifetime if you’ve never had them before!