Why Eat Local

Why Eat Local?

Let’s set the scene! Or several. You’re driving down a street in Indianapolis which is populated with a variety of choices for lunch. You have a business meeting next week and you are responsible for choosing the location. You happened upon a wonderful, handsome, beautiful individual last week which you would like to ask out for dinner. Your family is visiting for the weekend and you are immediately the expert on the restaurants in the area, whether you like it or not. The game is on. So where do you start?

It is our hope that you don’t simply jump on your search engine of choice, close your eyes, jab your index finger at the computer screen and hope for the best. We also don’t expect you to break down your options on a spreadsheet listed out by price points and ethnicity… (Well maybe for that significant other situation but that’s up to you).

So we are going to help you out a bit. We’ll narrow down your decision-making between two options. Do you eat out at a popular chain, or do you eat local? Deep in your heart, you already know the answer to this. You know the answer is local! And we’re here to tell you why!

Our choice has an influence on everything from the nutrition we are digesting to the economy and prosperity of our neighborhood. Don’t let your eyes glaze over now! We know words like “economy” and “prosperity” have been known to cause reading-induced narcolepsy, but fight through the urge to fall asleep! Okay. Let’s play a simple game of “Think about it”. Perhaps we won’t lose you if you are reading for a game!

Think about it. If we put just as much as our money into the local restaurants and shops as we do national chains, our money is kept rotating in our area and not lost to a distant headquarters. We don’t just support the local restaurant, we support the decisions and interactions of that restaurant.

Think about it. We support their local business services. Restaurants rely upon a cohort of other small businesses to handle all of the aspects of running a business apart from making your food. And that’s right! You guessed it! This cohort of other small businesses rely upon locally-owned restaurants for the prosperity of their business as well!

Think about it. Locally owned restaurants have the freedom to choose where they get their food from. They are incredibly meticulous about it as well. Why? Think about it. Their food is the sole representation of their company! They rely upon the quality of the food and ingredients they order to impress you so you return for more.

Think about it. National chains are concerned about keeping their food consistent from state to state. The experience you have at a national chain in Indiana must be very similar to that in Pennsylvania. Thus, they don’t have the freedom to ensure the highest quality of supplies.

We hope our little game helped your decision! Be sure to choose local. For any and all of your local restaurant questions here in Indianapolis, you may rely upon Drink & Dish Local.